Thank you to everyone who made this event so special. Malaika and Anthony are overjoyed at the show of love and support from family and friends.

Now that the festivities are over, the happy couple is making a call for photo submissions. If you have any photos you want to send to Malaika and Anthony, you can do so by one of two ways.

Option 1: Send the photos as an attachment to the email address –

Option 2: Add the photos to a shared FaceBook album “malaikawedsmarte.” For this, you will have to be added as a contributor. Some of you have been added already. Otherwise, you can contact Anthony or Malaika via email, phone, or the Evite website and they will add you.

In addition, you can also post directly to the Evite website. This is a little inconvenient, but whatever floats your boat.

Finally, a big thank you to all of those who donated for Marawi. The situation continues to be very dire, and we encourage you to donate if you haven’t done so already. You can do so via this link:

Thanks again.



2 days of prep left! Anthony and Malaika are receiving much needed help from an indispensable artist-to-be-named-later. Very secretive person. would only allow us to snap a pic of his/her hands.


Everything keeps chugging along. See you all Saturday!

New Media Tab

You may have noticed a new media tab at the top. That’s where all of the photos and videos we collect during the planning process and the actual celebration will go. If you want a photo or video of yours to be featured in that section, shoot us an email or text!


Noni’s Poem

A POEM FOR MALAIKA AND ANTHONY, ON THEIR WEDDING DAY (By Nonilon V. Queano, Malaika’s Dad/16June2017)

There is only motion
Through space and time —
Linear, cyclical, tornadic –
Towards the flashpoint
Where two adorable souls unite
In love, grace, and beauty

None but the memory stays in place.
Of innocent journeyings
Across continents,
The Filipino girl trying to learn the language in the early years
Though born, yet not yet attuned to the “wild West,”
The growing-up years in theater, dance and music.
Performing Mindanai ancestral dances,
Bharatnatyam, Indonesian,
Slinking away on the La Mama stage As Shakespeare’s Juliet;

Or playing the music of the spheres
On sax, piano, guitar
Singing songs of love
Playing kulintang at SUNY New Paltz,
Grappling with the high and mighty —
The constant recovery of self.
The trysts with God and angels,
The falling in

How time flies inexorably,
Like will-o’the-wisps
Drifting away each moment in the void
To this wedding of two beautiful souls
We hold forever in our hearts

Dearest Malaika and Anthony,
Mga anak,
We wish you love eternal and a most happy, abundant life.
May all God’s blessings be yours,
Today and for always!